About Lester

Coast to Coast @ UEA

7th - 9th June 2018

10th October 2018


Written and Directed by Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Molly Harris Farley

Assistant Director - Holly Richards

Video Design - Tara O'Sullivan

Jane - Erin Clancy

The Devil - Aimée De-Ritis

Lester - Charles Douglas

The Angel - Charley Hawthorne

Fitts - Arthur Maund

Angela - Nancy O'Melia

Carolyn - Polly Pullen*

*When this production was revived in October 2018, the role of Carolyn was played by Nyree Williams


Longlisted for NSDF 2019

In support of Leeway Domestic Violence & Abuse Services

About Lester (2018).JPG

About Lester was Coast to Coast's first production. We were inspired by the #MeToo movement and wanted to make a show.

This was a play about the art and the artist. We talked about 'American Beauty' and its dark side. 

Lester was a movie star, and Jane was his biggest fan. Across parallel universes their lives change, as does the world.

"Shut up, you want to be an actress?


"About Lester is an amazing production and a very promising debut from

Coast to Coast.

The writing and acting were both incredible, but what really struck me about the play was that it delved into a topic that I had not yet seen portrayed in a creative medium, and it did so whilst bearing in mind all of the topic's complexities and subtleties."

— Feminist Book Club

"Wonderfully written, the cast successfully execute a range of complex and beautifully crafted characters who all possess ambiguous moral compasses. The play serves as social commentary, reflecting on the very relevant topic of the underlying tension between power and sex, and also as a means to emulate the destructive correlation between being beautiful and being worthy."

— Concrete


“Acting in the round gives no hiding place and director Rohan Gotobed makes good use of this, with a minimum of unnecessary gesture or stage presence.

It is a play with a clear message, and one that cannot be shared widely enough. I have spent the hours since I saw this play telling everyone I encounter to go and see it – it is one of the most rewarding and engaging dramas that I have seen for a long time."

— Norwich Eye