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Thank you for considering my DYCP application.


I am the Artistic Director of Dorsetborn.

We are a young company, here to discover new stories deserving of new audiences. You can find us making new work across Dorset and the South West. 

Since being formed in February 2022, Dorsetborn have generated 30+ paid opportunities for freelancers and engaged with over 2000 audience members/participants. 

We have partnered with organisations including Artsreach, Dorset Libraries, the New Diorama, Pavilion Dance South West, and Taunton Brewhouse. We are an Associate Company of National Youth Theatre and been featured on ITV Meridian and BBC Radio Dorset.

We are just getting started.

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and the


YouTube Link:

A Show for Young Adventurers

South West Tour

11th February - 14th April 2023

Writer and Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Olivia Tetlow

Designer and Puppetry - Layla Bradbeer

Composer & Sound Designer - Ed Lewis

Dramaturg - Priya Patel Appleby

Puppetry Director - Molly Harris Farley

Creative Captioner - Stephen Lloyd

Stage Manager - Philippa Hendry

Marketing - Gabriella Sills

Helena / Penguin - Zoë May Dales

Georgia - Flossie Ure


When Georgia goes to Antarctica to visit her big sister Helena, all she wants is to explore the big frozen continent outside her bedroom window. 

While Helena is focused on completing her chores, Georgia discovers a giant iceberg on a collision course with the nearby penguin colony!

If she can't journey across the ice in time to warn them, then everyone's in danger...

Funded by Arts Council England with additional support from Poole Lighthouse.

This production's development included workshops with Avonwood Primary, Merley First School, Ashley Junior School, and St John's First School.

“The play uses an inclusive and interactive production to engage with its young target audience, with something for the adults to enjoy as well, in a beautifully crafted show, with an original script that incorporates threat, danger and adventure within the shared knowledge and light-hearted entertainment.

Georgia and the Iceberg tells a serious ecological message, connecting with the natural world in a fun yet educational way, with poignant and provocative performances, both heart-breaking and heart-warming, that could melt the coldest cynical heart.

I dare you to watch this and not be moved!"

— Scene One+

Venues Included:

Poole Lighthouse

Dorchester Arts


Ilminster Arts Centre

Front Room WSM

Pegasus Theatre, Oxford

ARC Winchester

Forest Forge, Ringwood

The Mill, Banbury

Dorset Libraries

"Dorsetborn's first show is a delightful two-hander...

Our audience of young children were fully engaged and loved being involved by the actors."

— Elspeth McBain,

Poole Lighthouse


“The star of the show has to be the puppetry penguin... they were enchanting and cheeky."

— Elaine Chapman

“Such a beautiful, touching, compelling and accessible production! Congrats to the cast and creative team! You have something really special."

— Tam Gilbert,

Millstream Theatre

"A show that has heart and knowledge at its core. Thought the wisdom imparted to the audience was great."

— Lisa Gregan,

Bristol Old Vic

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Soundcloud link:

An Immersive Audio Drama

Kingston Lacy

From 14th July 2023

Written by Naomi Denny and Rohan Gotobed

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Olivia Tetlow

Composer and Sound Designer - Freddie Lewis

William John Bankes - Neil James

Anne Bankes - Melody Fisher

Seymour / George Bankes - Jamie Lee-Hill

Sarah - India Murray

Special Thanks to the volunteers of Kingston Lacy and the entire Kingston Lacy team for their support and collaboration.

Commissioned by the National Trust

Fave 8.JPG

In 1841, William John Bankes was forced into exile due to his homosexuality.

He would never return to Kingston Lacy, his stately home in Dorset, where William John had spent years cultivating one of the country's most exciting and eccentric collections of art and artefacts.

But what if he did? And what if you could see the house through his eyes?

"A tour de force... Each scene was pacy, with convincing characters and punctuated with facts that never felt shoehorned in.

It's a fun way to explore our famously stately pile at your own pace, with insights into the lavish contents as well as the complex and eccentric William John Bankes himself."

— New Stour & Avon Magazine

Fave 8.JPG

"This audio drama adds so much to the visitor experience, and I would urge people to take advantage of it."

— Dorset View

"Dorsetborn theatre highlights the struggles and fear forced upon men for simply being true to themselves. Gay rights and freedoms only began the journey for equality in 1967 and the fight continues today for equality in the LGBTQ communities as people quite rightly so want the freedom to being themselves without fear of harm and persecution.


The depth of research and care that has gone into this 45-minute audio tour is a credit to the theatre company, adding another depth to the tapestry of Kingston Lacy’s history."

— Elaine Chapman,

Theatre and Art Reviews

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-28 at 14.53.54.jpeg

A Shipwreck Story


A playable digital experience

Coming Soon

Created by Layla Bradbeer and Rohan Gotobed

Text - Rohan Gotobed

Designer - Layla Bradbeer

Producer - Olivia Tetlow

Commissioned by Poole Museum for their 'Creatives in the Community' programme. This production's development has included workshops with Bourne Academy and Poole Lighthouse's Young Writers programme.

Fort R&D


Dorsetborn @ Poole Lighthouse

15th July 2022

Written by Tabitha Hayward

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Olivia Tetlow

Daisy - Kitty Schneider

Viv - Molly Thorne

An R&D supported by Poole Lighthouse and Artful Scribe.

Included workshops with Parkstone Grammar and Sturminster Newton High.

Fort_R&D_Video_Moment 08.jpg
Image 1.JPG

and the

Dorsetborn @ Lyric Theatre Bridport

25th March 2022

Created by the Company

Directed by

Rohan Gotobed

Priya Patel Appleby

Designer - Layla Bradbeer

Producer - Amy Olwen Tribe

Puppetry Director - Bryony Moores O'Sullivan

Helena / Penguin - Amber Lin

Georgia - Eliza Beth Stevens

An R&D funded by Arts Council England, with further support from Poole Lighthouse, Lyric Theatre Bridport, and Activate Performing Arts. Included workshops with Merley First, Greenford Primary, and Bridport Primary.


Arts University Bournemouth

Palace Court Theatre / Schools Tour

13th - 24th November

Written by William Shakespeare

Adaptation and Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Jonny Hoskins

Production Officer - Ben Goodridge

Stage Manager & Lighting Designer - Dom Phillips

Production Photographer - Steve Porter

Set Designer - Maisie Perkins

Costume Designer - Isabelle Martin

Hair & Make-Up Designers - Tegan Earl & Harriet Toy

Costume Supervisor - Seren Rees

Macbeth - Lorcan Adams

Lady Macbeth - Emily Brown

First Witch - Elsie Cairns

King Duncan / Doctor - Matthew Cook

Macduff - Robert Elson

Lady Macduff / Gentlewoman - Raina Howells-Nivas

Second Witch - Megan Jones 

Third Witch / Fleance - Signe Lundgren

Malca - Sophie Shields

Lennox - Charlie Sibley

Ross - Teddy Sterry

Banquo - Henry Tran

Macbeth -255.JPG
Macbeth -069.JPG

8th September 2022. 

Where were you?

I was on a train somewhere, a train delayed by thunder, lightning, and rain. My phone told me the Queen was dead, long live the King. I wasn't sure how to respond. Pride? Grief? Activism? How far are our identities shaped by those who reign over us?

It was a joy to adapt and direct 'Macbeth' for these times of complicated change. As well as touring to secondary schools in Dorset and Hampshire, we were also the first production to perform in Bournemouth's newly re-opened Palace Court Theatre.

Macbeth -077.JPG

“The performance was excellent and slick. Every member of the team who saw it has commented on how effectively the script had been modified and adapted. The change from Malcolm to Malca was also excellently done."

— Burgate School

“It was a great abridged version and the kids seemed to enjoy it very much."

— Katherine Senior,

Tilted Wig

"The new eyes that you brought to the text were splendid. It was fantastic acting and such a tight production. A brilliant job."

— Claire Hodgson,

Diverse City

Best 5.JPG


The National Gallery

21st April 2023

Written by Natalia Lewis

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Claude Graham

Sound Designer - Joe Dines

Stage Manager - Grace Hans

Casting Director - Sydney Aldridge


Jackson - George Fletcher

Betty - Joanne Leung

Lily - Natalia Lewis

Jack - Eddie Loodmer-Elliott

BSL interpreted by Craig Painting and Diane Upcraft

An R&D funded by Arts Council England, with further support from The National Gallery.

Show 6

INK Festival @ The Cut, Halesworth

13th - 17th April 2023

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Artistic Director - Julia Sowerbutts

Festival Manager - Tor Stewart

Technician - Jessica Taylor

Video Technician - Alex Hermon

Stage Manager - Laurence Leonard

Photography - Martin Smith

11 Weeks and 2 Days

Written by Rosalind Adler

Sam - Lewis Bruniges

Hazel - Barbara Horne

Everyone is Lying to Me

Written by Gavin Milnthorpe

Ernie - Lewis Bruniges

Trish - Hattie Chapman

Dad - Paul Hegarty

Carol - Barbara Horne

I See You

Written by Erin De Frias

Cam - Hattie Chapman

That Sinking Feeling

Written by Sam Buss

John - Paul Hegarty

Joan - Barbara Horne

Sinking Feeling 4.jpg
I See You 1.jpg

Hazel decides to have a word with her father despite the fact she hasn't been born yet. 

Trish wakes up with the alarming thought that every statement of truth is in fact a lie. Probably.

Cam is a young online sex worker with decisions to make when she falls for the boy in the grocery store.

John and Joan live on an iceberg. Their ever-shrinking home makes them aware that distance is what makes the heart grow fonder...

The 7th annual INK Festival was a vast and tantalising smorgasbord of creativity, centred around Halesworth in rural Suffolk.

I See You 4.jpg

"I saw an online sex worker recognising why love is something quite different, gazing at a version of herself as a Barbie in a dollhouse, and - surreally and arrestingly - Barbara Horne as an unborn foetus arguing with its father."

— Libby Purves

“Hattie Chapman caught the eye in a series of short plays."


"The direction was absolutely first class. It was so inventive and slick and absolutely filled the stage. The doll's house conceit was inspired."

— Audience Feedback

The Delicate Art of Falling

The Other Room, Cardiff

4th - 6th August 2022

Written by Tom Wentworth

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Samantha Jones

Stage Manager - Weronika Szumelda

Performed by

Elicia Axon

Toby Thompson

Created for The Other Room's

Young Artists Festival 2022


Destroy the Precious Things

Currently in rehearsals

Performed by MAST Mayflower Studios Young Company

Commissioned by MAST Mayflower Studios and Artful Scribe

"We'd like to assure you that no paintings will be harmed during the show. Relax. Anyone who attempts such a thing will be prosecuted. Young people, you've been warned."

Abbi, Tabby, Milo and Keira are best mates. They do everything together.


Abbi wants to throw baked beans at the Mona Lisa.

The others aren't sure.

How does this solve climate change?

What does it mean to be 'good' now?

And why is Tabby seeing Leonardo Da Vinci everywhere? 

Mona Lisa.jpg

I have been involved with the following organisations...

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