Last Night in Europe

Coast to Coast @ Norwich Arts Centre

29th March 2019


Written by Zoe Callow

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Performer - Priya Patel Appleby

'The Half-Naked Civil Servant'

Writer/Director - Tom Rowntree

Co-Director - Louis Williams 

Performer - Joe Swift


Writer - Freya Bennett

Director - Charlie Collins

Performer - Alex Hayes


Writer - Steve Waters

Performer - Michael Bernardin


Writer/Director - Molly Naylor

Performer - Thomas Guttridge

'The Break-Up'

Writer - James McDermott

Director - Charles Douglas

Performer - Liam Purshouse


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Last Night in Europe was a unique event that took over the NAC for what was originally marked as 'Brexit Day'.


I commissioned six new monologues from local writers, pairing them with directors and performers. We tried to depict the human impact of Brexit, and question what it means to be British in the 21st Century. 

In addition to creating the event, I directed Empires which imagined Brexit through the eyes of Emma Hamilton as she mourned Lord Nelson.

"Can it really be that the world only revolved around us because you were drawing the maps?"

"Priya Patel Appleby is mesmerising as Lady H giving her side of a story known from the perspective of the populist histories that we have always been given. Priya gives us a moving and elegant, eloquent account of just how Nelson’s paramour may have felt about the outcome of Trafalgar.

"The diversity of the six works makes for an enjoyable programme, but what really makes this company stand out is the sheer quality of their productions. They work hard to make convincing and credible drama that suggests levels of experience impossible for such a young team."

— Norwich Eye