Play Before Birth

Coast to Coast @ Garage Theatre

6th - 7th June 2019

@ Greenside Infirmary Street

12th - 24th August 2019

@ Norwich Theatre Royal

22nd November 2019

Written and Directed by Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Molly Harris Farley

- Assistant Directors -

Molly Bernardin

Ash Strain

Technical Design - Jasmine Savage

Stage Manager - Millie Bobanović
Assistant Stage Manager - Emily Law

Sophie - Alex Gallacher

Frances - Caitlin Jacobsen

Moira - Ellie Martland

Klara - Rachel Nicholson

Shortlisted for NSDF 2020


Supported by the Garage Theatre and All-In Productions

PBB 3.jpg

Play Before Birth was created in response to the climate crisis.

It asks whether it's right to bring new life into a dying world.


Klara is a young woman, pregnant, who becomes possessed by her unborn child, terrified about the damage we are dealing to the planet.

"For the next hour

Don't say anything,

But after that

Don't stop."


"8 Best Edinburgh Fringe Shows About Climate Change That You Should Definitely Check Out.”

— Bustle

“Rachel Nicholson brings moments of beautiful tenderness and vulnerability during Klara's conversations with her unborn baby which prove to be the most affecting moments of the show... There's a gentle heart to the play and those quiet moments speak the loudest." 

— The List

"Beautiful, experimental… The shifting dynamic between the four women is also elegantly portrayed, and the actors, particularly Gallacher, display some great comic timing.”

— Concrete Online

"Haunting, Shocking...

A wake-up call."

— Livewire 1350

pbb 2.jpg

“The show deftly interrogates the intersections of feminism and environmentalism.

It questions the centrality of motherhood in the norms of femininity and how affronted people become when women deviate from this script by forgoing children.

The questions it raises will follow you out of the auditorium; after this brave production, it'll be very interesting to see what they do next."

— Broadway Baby