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Arts University Bournemouth

Palace Court Theatre / Schools Tour

13th - 24th November

Written by William Shakespeare

Adaptation and Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Jonny Hoskins

Production Officer - Ben Goodridge

Stage Manager & Lighting Designer - Dom Phillips

Production Photographer - Steve Porter

Set Designer - Maisie Perkins

Costume Designer - Isabelle Martin

Hair & Make-Up Designers - Tegan Earl & Harriet Toy

Costume Supervisor - Seren Rees

Macbeth - Lorcan Adams

Lady Macbeth - Emily Brown

First Witch - Elsie Cairns

King Duncan / Doctor - Matthew Cook

Macduff - Robert Elson

Lady Macduff / Gentlewoman - Raina Howells-Nivas

Second Witch - Megan Jones 

Third Witch / Fleance - Signe Lundgren

Malca - Sophie Shields

Lennox - Charlie Sibley

Ross - Teddy Sterry

Banquo - Henry Tran

Macbeth -255.JPG
Macbeth -069.JPG

8th September 2022. 

Where were you?

I was on a train somewhere, a train delayed by thunder, lightning, and rain. My phone told me the Queen was dead, long live the King. I wasn't sure how to respond. Pride? Grief? Activism? How far are our identities shaped by those who reign over us?

It was a joy to adapt and direct 'Macbeth' for these times of complicated change. As well as touring to secondary schools in Dorset and Hampshire, we were also the first production to perform in Bournemouth's newly re-opened Palace Court Theatre.

Macbeth -077.JPG

“The performance was excellent and slick. Every member of the team who saw it has commented on how effectively the script had been modified and adapted. The change from Malcolm to Malca was also excellently done."

— Burgate School

“It was a great abridged version and the kids seemed to enjoy it very much."

— Katherine Senior,

Tilted Wig

"The new eyes that you brought to the text were splendid. It was fantastic acting and such a tight production. A brilliant job."

— Claire Hodgson,

Diverse City

Macbeth -091.JPG
Macbeth -101.JPG
Best 5.JPG


The National Gallery

21st April 2023

Written by Natalia Lewis

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Claude Graham

Sound Designer - Joe Dines

Stage Manager - Grace Hans

Casting Director - Sydney Aldridge


Jackson - George Fletcher

Betty - Joanne Leung

Lily - Natalia Lewis

Jack - Eddie Loodmer-Elliott

BSL interpreted by Craig Painting and Diane Upcraft

An R&D funded by Arts Council England, with further support from The National Gallery.

Show 6

INK Festival @ The Cut, Halesworth

13th - 17th April 2023

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Artistic Director - Julia Sowerbutts

Festival Manager - Tor Stewart

Technician - Jessica Taylor

Video Technician - Alex Hermon

Stage Manager - Laurence Leonard

Photography - Martin Smith

11 Weeks and 2 Days

Written by Rosalind Adler

Sam - Lewis Bruniges

Hazel - Barbara Horne

Everyone is Lying to Me

Written by Gavin Milnthorpe

Ernie - Lewis Bruniges

Trish - Hattie Chapman

Dad - Paul Hegarty

Carol - Barbara Horne

I See You

Written by Erin De Frias

Cam - Hattie Chapman

That Sinking Feeling

Written by Sam Buss

John - Paul Hegarty

Joan - Barbara Horne

Sinking Feeling 4.jpg
I See You 1.jpg

Hazel decides to have a word with her father despite the fact she hasn't been born yet. 

Trish wakes up with the alarming thought that every statement of truth is in fact a lie. Probably.

Cam is a young online sex worker with decisions to make when she falls for the boy in the grocery store.

John and Joan live on an iceberg. Their ever-shrinking home makes them aware that distance is what makes the heart grow fonder...

The 7th annual INK Festival was a vast and tantalising smorgasbord of creativity, centred around Halesworth in rural Suffolk.

I See You 4.jpg

"I saw an online sex worker recognising why love is something quite different, gazing at a version of herself as a Barbie in a dollhouse, and - surreally and arrestingly - Barbara Horne as an unborn foetus arguing with its father."

— Libby Purves

“Hattie Chapman caught the eye in a series of short plays."


"The direction was absolutely first class. It was so inventive and slick and absolutely filled the stage. The doll's house conceit was inspired."

— Audience Feedback

Best 14.jpg

Ways of Seeing

Wimborne Community Theatre and Millstream Theatre

@ Museum of East Dorset

10th - 11th March 2023

Created by the Company

Written by Tony and Gill Horitz

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Costume and Settings - Hannah Small

Camera Lantern - Clare Small

Stage Manager - Chris McCormack

Production Manager - Tuppy Hill

Access Support - Sandra Davies

Photos - Alastair Nisbet

Performed by twenty disabled and non-disabled people from East Dorset

For this project, in consultation with staff at MED, Wimborne Community Theatre chose and researched some of the key items in the Collection:

Valentine's Cards; the fresco found in excavations at the Roman Villa at Tarrant Hinton in the late 1960s; the black and white portraits taken by the early Edward full plate studio camera over a period of forty years...

Ways of Seeing was an imaginative attempt to go beneath the surface, to discover and share the stories that may lie beneath, reflecting lives in East Dorset over many years.

Best 10.jpg

"Such a wonderful group of performers who are engaging in their ability to tell a story and very much draw you in as an audience."


"Can't fault it at all. In fact I'd go and see it again. So many possibilities that you can go down with immersive theatre like the ways of seeing at the Museum of East Dorset."

"Wonderful and thoughtful tonight. An experience that was innovative and has caused me to think more as I reflect on it - which is the key of a good theatrical experience."

— Audience Feedback

Best 11.jpg

Broken & Golden

Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists 

and CoCreate Dorset

2nd November 2022

Created by the Company

Directed by 

Gemma Alldred

Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Alice Chutter

Assistant Director - Joshua Ward

Musical Director - Harry Bassett

Performed by sixteen disabled and non-disabled people from Bournemouth and Poole


The Caravan Plays


Gate Theatre with Small Truth Theatre

12th - 13th September 2022

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Harris Albar

Mentor Director - Yasmeen Arden

Curator - Yasmin Hafesji

Dramaturg - Isley Lynn

Rachman Baby

Written by Rufus Love

Performed by 

Amin Ali

Barbara Smith


Written and performed by Lauren Ziebart

The Delicate Art of Falling

The Other Room, Cardiff

4th - 6th August 2022

Written by Tom Wentworth

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Samantha Jones

Stage Manager - Weronika Szumelda

Performed by

Elicia Axon

Toby Thompson

Created for The Other Room's

Young Artists Festival 2022




Bloomsbury Festival

24th October 2021

21st October 2022

Written by Katherine White

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Rosie Thackeray

Sound Technician - Barra Fitzgibbon


Girl - Melody Adeniran

D - Michaela Mackenzie

Gran - Emma Wilkinson Wright

This play was adapted for Bloomsbury Radio in October 2022, featuring the same cast. 

"Listening to this play was incredibly moving and emotive. It really is a heartfelt piece that strives to get to the core of this, often misunderstood, illness." - Hannah Petch, Chapterz Magazine

straight vodka

Theatre 503

8th - 9th March 2020

Written by Gemma Lawrence

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Curator - Darren Sinnott

Producer - Darcy Dobson

Casting Director - Amy Blair 

Shawna - Savannah Ayodae-Greaves

Izzy - Aimée Cassettari

Camilla - Rebecca Norfolk

Em - Gemma Simons

Produced as part of Theatre 503's

RWR for Meat by Gillian Greer, 

designed by Rachel Stone

Straight Vodka.jpg


Between 2017 and 2021, I co-founded and led

Coast to Coast Theatre Company alongside Molly Harris Farley.

We wanted to create new plays outside London that responded to contemporary issues, including #MeToo, Brexit, and the Climate Emergency.

As a producer, I also developed our productions of Peddling by Harry Melling (Maddermarket Theatre, 2019) and Nowt as Queer as Folk by Becky Pick (Edinburgh Fringe, 2018). We were supported by Minotaur Theatre Company, The Garage Theatre, Norwich Theatre, and the University of East Anglia.

PBB 3.jpg

Play Before Birth

Coast to Coast @ Garage Theatre

6th - 7th June 2019

@ Greenside Infirmary Street

12th - 24th August 2019

Writer and Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Molly Harris Farley

Assistant Director - Ash Strain

Marketing - Molly Bernardin

Technical Design - Jasmine Savage

Stage Manager - Millie Bobanović
Assistant Stage Manager - Emily Law

Sophie - Alex Gallacher

Frances - Caitlin Jacobsen

Moira - Ellie Martland

Klara - Rachel Nicholson

Supported by the Garage Theatre and All-In Productions


How do we bring new life into a dying world?

At Klara's baby shower, Moira presents an unthinkable solution. Maybe children aren't the future.

"For the next hour

Don't say anything,

But after that

Don't stop."

"Beautiful, experimental… The shifting dynamic between the four women is also elegantly portrayed, and the actors, particularly Gallacher, display some great comic timing.”

— Concrete Online


"8 Best Edinburgh Fringe Shows About Climate Change That You Should Definitely Check Out.”

— Bustle

“Rachel Nicholson brings moments of beautiful tenderness and vulnerability during Klara's conversations with her unborn baby which prove to be the most affecting moments of the show... There's a gentle heart to the play and those quiet moments speak the loudest." 

— The List

Last Night in Europe

Coast to Coast @ Norwich Arts Centre

29th March 2019


Written by Zoe Callow

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Performer - Priya Patel Appleby


Writer - Steve Waters

Performer - Michael Bernardin



Writer - Freya Bennett

Director - Charlie Collins

Performer - Alex Hayes

The Break-Up

Writer - James McDermott

Director - Charles Douglas

Performer - Liam Purshouse

The Half-Naked Civil Servant

Writer/Director - Tom Rowntree

Co-Director - Louis Williams 

Performer - Joe Swift


Writer/Director - Molly Naylor

Performer - Thomas Guttridge


48 1.JPG

Last Night in Europe was a unique event that took over the NAC for what was originally marked as 'Brexit Day'.


I commissioned six new monologues from local writers, pairing them with directors and performers. We tried to depict the human impact of Brexit, and question what it means to be British in the 21st Century. 

In addition to creating the event, I directed Empires which imagined Brexit through the eyes of Emma Hamilton as she mourned Lord Nelson.

"Can it really be that the world only revolved around us because you were drawing the maps?"

"Priya Patel Appleby is mesmerising as Lady H giving her side of a story known from the perspective of the populist histories that we have always been given. Priya gives us a moving and elegant, eloquent account of just how Nelson’s paramour may have felt about the outcome of Trafalgar.

"The diversity of the six works makes for an enjoyable programme, but what really makes this company stand out is the sheer quality of their productions. They work hard to make convincing and credible drama that suggests levels of experience impossible for such a young team."

— Norwich Eye

About Lester (2018).JPG

About Lester

Coast to Coast @ UEA

7th - 9th June 2018

10th October 2018


Writer and Director - Rohan Gotobed

Producer - Molly Harris Farley

Assistant Director - Holly Richards

Video Design - Tara O'Sullivan

Jane - Erin Clancy

The Devil - Aimée De-Ritis

Lester - Charles Douglas

The Angel - Charley Hawthorne

Fitts - Arthur Maund

Angela - Nancy O'Melia

Carolyn - Polly Pullen*

*When this production was revived in October 2018, the role of Carolyn was played by Nyree Williams


In support of Leeway Domestic Violence & Abuse Services


About Lester was Coast to Coast's first production. We were inspired by the #MeToo movement and wanted to make a show.

This was a play about the art and the artist. We talked about 'American Beauty' and its dark side. 

Lester was a movie star, and Jane was his biggest fan. Across parallel universes their lives change, as does the world.

"Shut up, you want to be an actress?


"About Lester is an amazing production and a very promising debut from

Coast to Coast.

The writing and acting were both incredible, but what really struck me about the play was that it delved into a topic that I had not yet seen portrayed in a creative medium, and it did so whilst bearing in mind all of the topic's complexities and subtleties."

— Feminist Book Club

"Wonderfully written, the cast successfully execute a range of complex and beautifully crafted characters who all possess ambiguous moral compasses. The play serves as social commentary, reflecting on the very relevant topic of the underlying tension between power and sex, and also as a means to emulate the destructive correlation between being beautiful and being worthy."

— Concrete


“Acting in the round gives no hiding place and director Rohan Gotobed makes good use of this, with a minimum of unnecessary gesture or stage presence.

It is a play with a clear message, and one that cannot be shared widely enough. I have spent the hours since I saw this play telling everyone I encounter to go and see it – it is one of the most rewarding and engaging dramas that I have seen for a long time."

— Norwich Eye

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