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Minotaur Theatre Company

2nd - 4th February 2017

Written by Pip Williams

Director - Rohan Gotobed

Co-Director - Alex McNally

Designer - Charli Corrigan

Assistant Designer - Saskia Kelly

Stage Manager - Ella Thompson

Alex - Nell Barlow

Kate - Lizzie Brown

Charlotte - Nina Cavaleiro

Bella - Ella Daymond

Richard - Fergus O'Loan

Orlando - Sam Rees

Elizabeth - Nyree Williams

Custard 1.jpg

Custard was a new play by Pip Williams that dramatized the falling out between a struggling teenager and his father as he attempts to woo a potential publisher for his book.

It was a dark comedy with some twisted moments, but there was also pathos and characters that left you feeling gutpunched.

"I first realized people wouldn’t be my friends if I just gave them free biscuits when I was about eleven. When did you?"

"It was creepy. After the first half, my skin was crawling. I didn't know if I wanted to jump on my feet or scratch my skin. It was both engaging and tense.

The directors made it very visual - the gender dynamics, the intellectualism, it's all woven through the staging. I can't fault the direction. I even think the direction managed to lift up a lot of the writing in terms of getting them into the forefront of a discussion."

— Livewire 1350

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