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Minotaur Theatre Company

2nd - 3rd November 2017

Written and Directed by Rohan Gotobed

- Assistant Directors -

Priya Patel Appleby

Katie Smith

Lighting Design - Charles Douglas

Sound Design - Jenni Pettican

Echo - Millie Amies

Leo - Ben Prudence

Vienna (2017).jpg
Vienna 2.jpg

Vienna was a new short play inspired by the music of Billy Joel. We explored the male gaze through a reimagining of 'Echo and Narcissus'. 

Leo wakes up in a dream world, where he summons Echo. As the two explore his subconscious together, demons and memories resurface. 


"We were both dreamers, living in our own dream worlds, hoping we'd never wake up." 

Vienna 3.jpg

"Amazingly directed by Rohan Gotobed, the entire piece gives off a sense of choreography whilst also retaining a dreamy and surrealist atmosphere.”

— Concrete

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